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A golf tournament is an excellent way to build relationships, raise funds for a cause, or just have some fun with friends. To make your tournament successful, you may need to get sponsors to provide financial and other types of support. But what types of sponsorship offerings can you provide? Here are some creative ideas that will help you make your next tournament more successful.

Identify Potential Sponsors

The first step in getting sponsors for your golf tournament is to identify potential sponsors. Look at local businesses that have an interest in golf or in supporting events like yours. If you know someone who works for a large corporation, ask them if their employer would be interested in sponsoring your event. You can also search online for companies that specialize in sponsoring golf tournaments.

Reach Out With A Proposal

Once you’ve identified potential sponsors, the next step is to reach out with a proposal. Send them a letter outlining what your tournament is all about and what type of sponsorship they can expect from your event. Explain how their sponsorship will benefit both themselves and your cause or organization, and be sure to include details about how often they will be mentioned or featured during the event itself.

Negotiate Benefits & Promote Your Sponsors

Once you’ve secured a sponsor, it’s important that you negotiate benefits for them as part of their sponsorship package. They may want exclusive access to certain areas of the course or special signage throughout the tournament grounds. It’s also important that you promote your sponsors before, during, and after the event; this could include social media posts, website banners, email blasts and more.

Types of Sponsorships

Branded Swag

One of the best ways to get people excited about your upcoming tournament is to provide branded swag. This could include hats, t-shirts, or even coffee mugs with your logo or the name of your event printed on them. Not only will this help build awareness for your tournament, but it also creates an opportunity for sponsors to hand out free merchandise to potential customers. Plus, it’s a great way to thank those who have already committed to attending your event.

Food & Beverage Services

No golf tournament would be complete without food and beverage services. Offering sponsorships in this area is a great way to attract attention and raise money at the same time. You could work with local restaurants and caterers to provide drinks and snacks throughout the day, or even offer full meals if budget allows. And don’t forget about offering beer and wine tastings – they’re always popular with golfers looking to relax after a long day on the course.

Raffles & Prizes

Raffles and prizes are another fun way to draw attention and boost revenue from sponsorships. You can offer different levels of sponsorship based on how much each sponsor is willing to contribute. For example, one sponsor may choose to donate $500 for a chance at winning a brand new set of clubs while another may opt for just $100 for the chance at winning a gift card or other prize. No matter what level of sponsorship they choose, everyone wins when it comes to raffles and prizes!

Getting sponsorships for your golf tournament doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what steps to take. Start by identifying potential sponsors who might be interested in supporting your cause or event, then reach out with a proposal outlining how their sponsorship will benefit both parties involved. When it comes time for your next golf tournament, don’t settle for traditional sponsorship opportunities – think outside the box! By offering branded swag, food and beverage services, raffles and prizes, you can attract more sponsors than ever before while also providing added value for those who do decide to take part in your event. So start brainstorming today – who knows what kind of amazing opportunities await!


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