Classes and Lessons

Jess Hansen offers a variety of individual and group classes and lessons for all ages.  Some have limited availability.  Call for more information.

Private Lessons and Programs

Through a strategic mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions, participants become comfortable with the game both on and off the course.
Practice with K Vest, Ground Force and SAM PuttLab. All that is necessary is that you complete a lesson on K Vest or SAM PuttLab then we can build you a practice session just for you.

$125 – $395

Summer Golf Camp

Are you a younger player or just newer to the game?  Come spend time this summer in our controlled environment.  Work on your mechanics, analyze your swing, and learn skills that will translate directly to the golf course.  Our three-day camps are a great group environment where you will work with, and compete with, other similarly skilled golfers. 

Learn the game, and your swing, like never before and be ready to impress the next time out on the course.

Call the Jess Hansen Golf Academy soon to reserve your spot.  Only 6 available spots per camp.


Elite High School Camp

Our 3 Day Summer Camp Program is a great way for Elite High School Players to hone their skills in a controlled environment over the summer.  The instruction they receive will complement the work they are doing on the course, and the group environment will facilitate the competitive environment they look for.  Camps are limited to 6 students per camp and only higher level High School Golfers will be allowed to attend this selective camp setting.

Not quite an “Elite” High School Golfer?  Check out our other camp sessions for those golfers who are younger or just still learning the game.

Call the Jess Hansen Golf Academy to Enroll as availability is limited.


Adult Group Lessons

Do you miss the camaraderie of training together with your teammates? Tired of swinging by yourself?  Join a Lesson Group that’s right for you!  We have group lessons for Beginners who are just getting into the game, Amateurs that simply want to be better, and Advanced Scratch Golfers that really want to take their game to the next level.  Learn in our fun, competitive environment and make a difference in your game.

Find the Group that’s right for you and Call soon to book as sessions are limited.

See adult group lesson page for pricing information.

Junior Group Lessons

Our Junior Golf Group Lessons are a great way for kids, both beginning with the game, and those who are Elite golfers, to learn the game, hone their skills, and develop a great love for the game of golf.  The group environment is designed to keep them engaged, excited, and push them to the next level of golf. 

With a focus on swing mechanics, good habits, and age-appropriate goals, the students will earn golf in a fun, competitive environment.  Call soon to book as spaces are limited and sessions will fill fast.

See junior group lessons page for pricing information.