Bring your best practice home!

Carl's Place Simulators

The Carl’s Place Simulator is a great, cost-effective solution for In-Home practice.  DIY and Professional Installation are both available.  Call for a Custom Quote of DIY Options.  Now 

Prices Start at $9,900

Prices Start at $9,900*

*Price does not include the PC.  PC Requirements depend on the equipment.

At Carl's Place, we have re-engineered our golf simulator enclosures from the ground up, placing a special focus on the impact screen system. This comprehensive redesign guarantees the safest and most immersive golfing experience available in the market today.

Indoor Golf Simulators are a great way to spend more time with family and friends, while still working on that golf score. Our simulators will fit in a spare room, garage bay, or in your basement. Work on your game, all year round, from the comfort of your home or office. We have everything you need to create your home training facility.

The New C-Series Enclosure

Seamless Visuals

Immersive turf-to-screen simulation with a new borderless golf impact screen design.  Feel like you’re on the actual course!

Unparalleled Safety

Improved golf ball bounceback with a re-engineered golf impact screen system ensuring maximum durability and safety.

New Accessories

An even larger lineup of enclosure accessories now includes a Back Cover, which gives the enclosure an even more polished , finished look while eliminating light leak.

Ceiling Baffles

A popular pro enclosure accessory now available for the DIY kit to knock down high angle shots for added safety.  Foam inserts replace Pro Cushions for added safety.

Everything Else You Need!

Foam, Bungees, Stands, Protector Cases, etc.  Everything else you need for your at-home golf simulator.