Pro-Tip 1 – Know the Course

The strategy of how you approach the course based on your realistic abilities is key.

Pro-Tip 2 – Have a Great Grip

A great golf swing starts with a great grip.  Fine tune yours now.

Pro-Tip 3 – Let’s Talk Shafts

The shaft does more than connect the club to your hands.  Are you using the right shaft for YOUR swing?

Pro-Tip 4 – Pitch Shots vs Chip Shots

Pitching and chipping have two different purposes.  Are you using them correctly in your game?

Pro-Tip 5 -A Long Pitch Shot

Need the ball to stick the green?  Perhaps a long pitch shot is the right call.

Pro-Tip 6 – Let’s Talk Chipping

Putting is much easier if your chip can get you close to the whole.  Are you executing properly?

Pro-Tip 7 – The Long Chip Shot

Long chip shots are an important part of the game, particularly with large modern greens.

Pro-Tip 8 – Putting Basics

Putting is where you actually score.  Review your basics to help your game.

Pro-Tip 9 – Aim Point Putting

Dial-in your putting with variable slopes and green speeds.