Mizuno Approved Custom Fitter

Custom Fitted, Custom Built.


Mizuno builds custom equipment to industry leading precision. Our US custom assembly line in Braselton, Georgia was established to the same working practices as our original plant in Yoro, Japan.


Bluetooth Shaft Optimizer 3D


Our award winning Bluetooth Shaft Optimizer and Swing DNA software will guide you to your best iron model and shaft combination.

We use the Shaft Optimizer on all our Mizuno Fittings.

Grain Flow Forged Irons


From a six-meter steel rod heated up to 1200 deg Celsius to an elegant and precise golf club ground by eye and hand, our forging process guarantees that the metal’s natural grain is preserved in every step of the process.

2017 & 2018 Top 100 Mizuno Fitter

Do you know what your Swing DNA is? Find the correct shaft for your game in just three swings. Get any shaft and any grip for no additional cost when you get custom fit. Visit Top 100 Mizuno Fitter Jess Hansen at Jess Hansen Golf Academy to find out your Swing DNA today. Call 816-405-4531 to learn how you can get a FREE club fitting.
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Custom Fitting Experience Like No Other
Our interchangeable iron fitting system is not only the most complete and easiest to use in complete and easiest to use in the industry, but it also offers something that no other fitting system can – the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer. In just a few swings, the Shaft Optimizer records five critical data points that make up your individual “Swing DNA”