Wedges Working for You!

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The more loft increases, the more influence lie angle has on the angle of your club face at impact. Fitting you with the correct lie angle is important for all your clubs, but it’s critical for your wedges.


The fastest way to lower your scores

Better wedge play is one of the best routes to an improved playing experience and lower scores. But to take full advantage, you need to be playing a set that’s fitted for you.

The role of the hips

The role of your posterior



I bet you’ve heard that at address you should push your bottom out, so that it protrudes a little. What everyone is trying to achieve is good posture with the pelvis in a “neutral position”.




“There are two common pelvis faults that cause a variety of challenges: S-posture and C-posture. S-posture can lead to lower back pain and inconsistency. C-posture leads to similar issues. What should concern you is, that both rob you of distance by making it more difficult for your hips to work effectively. Here’s an exercise to help strengthen your core and make good posture easier.”


If we can improve your hip rotation, we’re likely to add significant clubhead speed and distance to your game, but probably more importantly, more consistency and accuracy. That’s a good journey to start.