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No more three-putts.
Beyond hope, there’s knowledge.

How many times have you stood over a really long putt and just HOPED to get it close enough to survive? With the right lie angle for your putting stroke and setup, you’ll KNOW you’re getting it close.

A setup too far from the ball, or a lie angle that raises the toe, causes inconsistent contact towards the toe. This makes accuracy and distance control very difficult.

A setup too close to the ball, or a lie angle that raises the heel, causes a poor stroke and contact towards the heel. Chances are your putting stroke will loop as you try to find the middle.

Club path and face angle also affect putting accuracy. A slightly closed face angle and an in-to-out path can launch the ball straight. But lie angle and contact point also matter. There’s a lot going on here, that’s why it’s best to get your putter fitted for your stroke and setup.


Get closer from distance

When your putter’s lie angle matches your setup, you’ll be more confident on the greens and very likely card more pars and birdies. If that’s something you’d like to experience, let’s schedule a time to assess your putter’s lie angle. In the meantime, our members section has tips and drills to work on at home.

Loft ‘n’ roll
Sometimes too little goes too far

When you overshoot the hole by several feet, it’s not always because you hit it too hard, or because the green is fast, or that it was on a downward slope. Sometimes the culprit is too little dynamic loft in your putting stroke.

Too little loft causes the ball to skid too far along the surface of the green after impact. Some Pros call this a “hot putt” because it comes out too fast, too quickly. Sure, sometimes you get lucky and it fires into the back lip of the hole. But luck alone isn’t going to improve your putting.

The best putters impart topspin to get the ball rolling true very soon after impact. This makes it a lot easier to control the distance of your putts. Putt with the right loft for your stroke, and you can do the same.
Improve your roll
To get your ball into a smooth, end-over-end roll after impact, we need to make sure your putter loft is working with your stroke to give you the best dynamic loft. That means getting fitted or having your stroke assessed, or ideally, both.