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Come on in and see of the Srixon ZX line is right for your swing.  We are Srixon Fitters and have the tools to select a custom fit club for your needs.


The drivers are the longest Srixon has ever produced and share much of the same technology, however, they each offer slightly different launch and playability characteristics – the kind of bonus features that personalise a driver to an individual’s needs.

Rebound Frame

The Rebound Frame system distorts and flexes at impact like a spring to generate ball speed and distance, especially from strikes out of the sweet spot.

ZX5 Adjustability

With a single weight located towards the rear of the sole, the ZX5 driver flies high and straight. An adjustable hosel also provides variation in loft, life, and face angle.                                                                       

ZX7 Adjustability

ZX7 model features two adjustable weights near the toe and heel, offers a greater level of ball flight customisation and a lower, more penetrating ball flight. An adjustable hosel also provides variation in loft, life, and face angle.             

Carbon Fibre Crown

Both ZX drivers feature a carbon fibre crown which is larger and lighter than previous Srixon drivers. Removing weight from high on the clubface helps concentrate mass low and deep within the clubhead to boost forgiveness, particularly on off-centre strikes.


Srixon’s reputation for producing some of the best forged irons going around has been hard-earned through decades of experience and development. Fast-tracking ingenuity simply isn't an option when designing irons; Srixon's new ZX irons are the culmination of progressive thinking and creativity through prolonged persistence.

Mainframe Architecture

ZX5 irons feature AI-designed face architecture to enhance COR and boost ball speed from a wide area of the club face. The maze of valleys, bumps and channels on the rear of the face was perfected through machine learning to make the irons Srixon’s fastest yet.

Tour Cavity

ZX7 irons have mass shifted slightly to the perimeter to add a touch of forgiveness to the tour-level irons. Srixon’s tour cavity provides ZX7 irons with the softest feel and highly workable characteristics, which is why they’re a favourite on tour.

Tour VT Sole

A V-shaped sole improves feel at impact and helps ZX5 and ZX7 irons glide through the turf cleanly, even when striking the ground slightly before the ball. Also making an appearance are Srixon’s sole notches, which provide greater workability without impacting forgiveness.

Multi-Piece Construction

Tungsten in the toe of the ZX5 and ZX7 long and mid irons (3i-7i) increases MOI for more stability and forgiveness. A forged SUP10 face enhances speed and distance while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for an extremely soft feel.