No standards is the standard

One brand’s stiff flex is another’s regular

Shaft manufacturers set unique flex and balance points for each shaft they design. They also use a variety of materials with varying thicknesses. And the way they measure the flex of their shafts is probably unique as well. It’s clear then that buying shafts off-the-shelf is a no-go.
As there is no ‘true flex’ for golf shafts, what we really need to do when setting you up is to match your shaft with your clubhead and your swing. This means hitting shots with a variety of different shafts (that could all be ‘regular’ flex), and seeing how it feels and what your ball flight is.

Know your game

Go one number higher

How often have you known your #5 iron should get you to the green, yet left it in your bag and taken the #7 or #6 instead? When we look in most golfers’ bags, we see pristine long irons. A clear indicator that they’re carried but never used.

How much higher could you go?

Hitting a soaring #5 iron is a great feeling. It’s great for your scorecard and your golf. If you’d like to get one number higher, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it.