No Standards is the Standard
A #7 iron isn’t a #7 iron isn’t a #7 iron
We compared the lofts of three #7 irons launched in 2020 from separate brands targeting the same level golfer. We found significant differences in loft strength.

This begs the question; does the number on an iron’s sole have any purpose other than enabling you to organize your set? We’d answer with an emphatic “no”. That’s why we keep telling you to get fitted.

Take this opportunity
Although this seems bizarre, club manufacturers have very good reasons related to CoG placement and clubhead material for setting unique lofts on their irons. But for you to take full advantage of those innovative designs, a fitting is essential.

Know your game
Was it ego?


Your ball is soaring high and straight on line towards the flag. You swivel the iron in your hands with satisfaction. But it lands short. You’re shocked. It’s a still day, there’s no elevation difference, what went wrong? Ego could be the culprit.


Many golfers base their carry distances on a perfect strike, rather than how they USUALLY strike the ball. And because of that, they often take too little club. Knowing how far you hit every club is going to save you shots, and shocks. If you’re unsure about your true carry distances, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it.