No Standard is the Standard

The effects of Gravity

Iron lofts vary between manufacturers as well as between different models from the same manufacturer. But even when the lofts of two separate manufacturers are the same, differences in CoG often mean they don’t behave the same.
Both these #7 irons have 29° of loft. However, iron A has a CoG higher and closer to the face, making it better suited to good ball strikers who want the freedom to shape their shots. Iron B has a CoG lower and more towards the rear of the clubhead, making it better for average golfers who need help launching the ball higher and further.


So much to consider

When deciding on a new set of irons, we need to make sure their loft, CoG placement and head design are right for your swing. A fitting is the best way to make sense of it all.


Know your game

Don’t come up short

Knowing exactly where on the clubface you strike the ball most of the time will help us make you more consistent. Off-center shots not only kill distance but can reveal underlying swing problems you may not have realized you had.

Where are you striking the ball?

Hitting a few shots with impact tape on your club faces helps you to see where you’re striking the ball, and whether you’re consistently hitting the toe or heel. If you’re unsure about your impact points, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it.